Alkaline Batterien 1,5V (AA / Mignon / LR6 ) - 4er-Blister

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Alkaline Batterien 1,5V (AA / Mignon / LR6 ) - 4er-Blister mehr
Produktinformationen "Alkaline Batterien 1,5V (AA / Mignon / LR6 ) - 4er-Blister"

Alkaline Batterien 1,5V (AA / Mignon / LR6 ) - 4er-Blister

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"SEISSIGER" Alkaline Batterien 1,5V (AA / Mignon / LR6 ) - 10er-Riegel

Dear Purchasing Manager;

Good day to you!!
This is Mr. Harvey Lee saying 'Hi' to you, from Promax Battery Industries Ltd. in China, a battery manufacturer of OEM orders.

We do not know if you are still purchasing this kind of primary consumer batteries in China??
In our company, we're always producing a full range of Long-Lasting High Power Alkaline Batteries in size of AAA,AA,C,D,9V and 23A, 27A with shrink, blister pack and value pack.
Also, the lithium button cells: CR2032, CR2025, CR2016...

If you would like to work with a factory directly, then our managing director will offer you a very best price positively.
We guarantee to you the best prices, the best quality, and the best service from us!!

We can help to produce all the batteries with your private labels, if you have your logo.

Hope you may come to visit our company someday, then you may see: how many batteries we're producing now for so many customers in Europe and in the USA markets.

Do you take an interest to establish a business relationship with us??

Your reply will be much appreciated!!

Harvey Lee/Marketing Manager
Promax Battery Industries Limited.
No. 108 Xing Han Street, Suzhou Industrial Park,
Jiangsu, China 215021
Tel: +86(512)6299 6687
Fax: +86(512)6299 6987

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